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Dynasty Rankings - WRs

The key to building a strong Dynasty team is loading up on the wide receiver position. It is a much less volatile position than running back, and a receiver's shelf life is typically a lot longer, too.

When investing in a WR, you need to take a few things into consideration beyond just the player's talent. The QB they are paired with is obviously a factor, but don't forget to account for the offensive coordinator and whether that WR is in a scheme that will maximize his talents. Also, what does the potential target-share situation look like over the next three years?

Here's a list of who we think are the safest options over the next 3 seasons and why:

Shawn's Rankings

24. Justin Jefferson - Age 21.2

- Stefon Diggs' successor. Also, Adam Thielen is 30 years old.

23. D.K. Metcalf - Age 22.7

- Height - 6'4. Weight - 230. 40 time - 4.33. If he was on a more pass-happy offense, he would be a top 10 WR

22. Robert Woods - Age 28.4

- WR10 in 2018 and WR14 last season. Rams like to throw the ball.

21. Brandin Cooks - Age 26.9

- Deshaun Watson's new #1 target. He's only missed 2 games in the past 5 years, so he's extremely durable too

20. Jarvis Landry - Age 27.7

- Year after year, average QB after average QB, he continues to get the job done.

19. Tyler Lockett - Age 27.9

- 82 receptions on 111 targets last season. Russ will continue to throw over 50% of his passes to Lockett and Metcalf

18. Cooper Kupp - Age 27.2

- WR4 last season. With Cooks gone, more attention will be on Kupp, who doesn't handle press and man coverage very well. He's still top 20, but don't expect to see another top 5 season again.

17. Amari Cooper - Age 26.2

- Has the talent of a top 5 WR. However, there are a lot of mouths to

feed in Dallas, which revolves around the run game.

16. D.J. Chark Jr - Age 23.9

- The Jags will always be playing from behind. Chark saw 117 targets last year, expect even more in the future.

15. Allen Robinson II - Age 27.0

- WR8 last season and saw 153 targets. So many questions in Chicago, it's hard to trust that A-Rob will stay top 10 on a consistent basis.

14. Keenan Allen - Age 28.3

- WR6 last season. Questions around the QB position is the only thing that stands in his way of being top 10 again

13. Calvin Ridley - Age 25.7

- Over the next few years, we will gradually see the target leader shift from Julio to Calvin in this pass happy offense.

12. A.J. Brown - Age 23.1

-Weeks 12-17 last season, Brown was the overall WR2. Great finish to an outstanding rookie year.

11. Julio Jones - Age 31.6

- Should finish top 5 again this year. However, his decline has to start sooner rather than later.

10. Tyler Boyd - Age 25.8

- WR17 in 2018 and WR18 last season. Now has an upgrade at QB who loves to throw to the slot.

9. D.J. Moore - Age 23.4

- Bridgewater refuses to throw it deep. Moore averaged 7.9 yards before reception in his first two seasons. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

8. Davante Adams - Age 27.7

-Who knows if we'll ever see his 2018 numbers again (111/1,386/13), but he's proven he can ball out when he gets 169 targets. Biggest question: Who is his QB of the future?

7. Kenny Golladay - Age 26.8

- Long college career means that this soon to be 27 year old is only entering his 4th season. Back to back 1,000 yard seasons, he's just now entering his prime.

6. Mike Evans - Age 27.0

- 6'5, 230. He's had over 1,000 yards all six seasons so far. Will he have the same magic with Tom and future QBs?

5. DeAndre Hopkins - Age 28.2

-Historically, receivers over 28 years old that get traded typically don't match their previous production. Is this the exception?

4. JuJu Smith-Schuster - Age 23.7

-Do you remember 2018? 111 receptions on 166 TARGETS for 1,426 yards. As long as Duck-Rudolph isn't QB anymore, then JuJu should get back to these numbers.

3. Tyreek Hill - Age 26.5

-He's faster than most humans and the Chiefs have the best offense this decade. If he stays healthy and doesn't get suspended, he could be the WR1.

2. Chris Godwin - Age 24.5

- He was 3rd last season in receiving yards with 1,333 on only 121 targets. Although there are a lot of mouths to feed in Tampa, he should see over 140 targets/year as he enters his prime.

1. Michael Thomas - Age 27.5

-He had 149 receptions on 185 targets last season. Re-read that first sentence. That's a 80% catch rate. We only see that percentage come from RBs and TEs. His 1,725 yards didn't hurt his fantasy value, either.

Corey's Rankings

24. Deebo Samuel - Age 24.6

- The #1 WR in one of the best offenses in football.

23. D.J. Chark - Age - 22.7

- Freakish athlete with a very high ceiling every week due to his big-play ability.

22. Terry McLaurin - Age 24.9

- Came out of nowhere last year; out to prove it wasn't a fluke.

21. CeeDee Lamb - Age 21.4

- Won't be enough targets to go around for now, but will become a #1 WR soon enough.

20. Cooper Kupp - Age 27.2

- Incredible 2019 season, but expect a little regression.

19. Calvin Ridley - Age 25.7

- Should start to eat into Julio's target share more each season moving forward.

18. Allen Robinson - Age 27

- Great talent, but value is somewhat limited by poor QB play.

17. Tyler Boyd - Age 25.8

- In the perfect situation to be among the league-leaders in receptions.

16. Cortland Sutton - Age 24.9

- Addition of Jeudy hurts his stock, but still has an elite skill set.

15. Julio Jones - Age 31.6

- Among the greatest of his generation, but his age is beginning to creep up there.

14. Jerry Jeudy - Age 21.3

- My favorite WR in the 2020 draft, has all the makings of a future star.

13. Keenan Allen - Age 28.3

-Among the most consistent performers at WR the past 3 seasons.

12. Amari Cooper - Age 26.2

- Elite ability, but potential issues with target share pushes him out of the top 10.

11. Kenny Golladay Age - 26.8

- Doesn't catch as many passes as others, but still racks up a ton of yards and TDs.

10. Odell Beckham Jr - Age 27.8

- Not that long ago he was considered the #1 asset in Dynasty. Should bounce back in 2020.

9. Mike Evans - Age 27

- Boom or Bust week-to-week, should add consistency with a real NFL QB throwing to him.

8. A.J. Brown - Age 23.1

- Superstar in the making, should develop into one of the game's best WR.

7. D.J. Moore - Age 23.4

- Elite traits, but must overcome uncertainty at QB.

6. JuJu Smith-Schuster - Age 23.7

- Should regain his form with Big Ben back under center.

5. Chris Godwin - Age 24.5

- It's scary to think that he could actually top what he did last year.

4. Davante Adams - Age 27.7

- Could be WR1 this year, but uncertainty at QB clouds the future.

3. DeAndre Hopkins - Age 28.2

- Should be fun to watch the next few years in an up-and-coming offense.

2. Tyreek Hill - Age 26.5

- Explosive playmaker and top WR for the best QB in football.

1. Michael Thomas - Age 27.5

- Perennial All-Pro is nearly impossible to cover. Should continue to feast.

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