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Dynasty - Speculation Buys

This is a list of players I am buying as I speculate future landing spots for certain players.

Ronald Jones II

Rojo must have told Bruce Arians that his hat selections aren't tasteful, because he refuses to play him.

On the last year of his contract, he'll have multiple teams after him this offseason.

He split time last year (47% snap share) and still managed to average 13 fantasy points/game in 2020.

You can acquire him fairly cheap right now. According to, he's valued as a late 2nd round pick, but I've gotten him even cheaper with disgruntled Jones' owners.


He choses a team where he will end up getting at least 50% of the snap share. In my opinion, with the right situation, 13 points will be his floor with his next team. Fournette is also a free agent, but I don't see him going anywhere. With Lenny re-signing with Tampa, Rojo will choose either the Seahawks, Cardinals (Edmonds & Connor are both UFAs) or Texans.

Broncos Offensive Weapons

Noah Fant, in particular. However, I'm also trying to acquire Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick and Javonte Williams.

Broncos just gave extensions to Sutton and Patrick, which has us speculating that Jerry Jeudy might be traded in the future? If so, that only increases the value of all these WRs anyways.


6'4, 250, runs a 4.5 and oh yeah... he's only 24 years old. is comparing him to George Kittle.


Aaron Rodgers will lead the Denver Broncos to becoming a top 3 scoring offense from 2022-2024.

Remember how productive Robert Tonyan was with Rodgers? Imagine a Kittle-esk TE paired with A-Rod.

DJ Chark

Picture this: You are about to be a free agent in the NFL, but you aren't actually you-yourself (who throws your back out while getting out of bed or twists your ankle running for another beer), but you're 6'3, 200 lbs, run a 4.34 and only 25 years old. Would you re-sign with a team who's head coach is Urban Meyer, or would you choose a competitive team where you'll see 7-8 targets a game, just like you averaged in 2019 and 2020?


With the entire group of Packers' WRs becoming free agents and Adams unlikely to re-sign, Green Bay will be looking for a go-to option for the new face of the franchise. My prediction is that Chark and a current player like Lazard will be on the outside, while Amari Rodgers takes over the slot.

*Side note - I'm buying Amari Rodgers everywhere I can as well*

According to, here are all of the GB WRs that will be free agents at the end of this season.

Marcus Mariota

He just turned 28 and is about to be a free agent. He's very similar to Jalen Hurts, with a couple differences: Mariota is 3 inches taller, slightly faster and has a better passer rating. Oh by the way... Jalen Hurts is the overall QB1 this season so far.


The Steelers sign Mariota to a 2+ year deal. Just enough time for us to buy him low and then sell high, just like you're all hopefully doing with Jalen Hurts.

Trey Sermon

Similar to the Rojo situation, rumor has it Trey told Kyle Shanahan that flat bill hats aren't cool anymore.

He's too talented of a runner to not get more playing time. Especially with how notorious the 49ers are for getting injured, it's just a matter of time before Sermon gets his shot.


Whether it's this season, the playoffs, or this coming offseason, Trey will average a 50% or higher snap share. RBCs are the future of the NFL: Chubb/Hunt, Dobbins/Edwards, Elliott/Pollard, Williams/Gordon, Gibson/McKissic, and so on.

Trey Sermon will become the Chubb style runner in the San Fran RBC.

Young WRs Taking Over the #2 Job

Chargers: Josh Palmer

- Mike Williams heads to Buffalo to replace Emanuel Sanders. Keenan Allen is almost 30 years old. JP might be the sneakiest dynasty-buy of all time.

Vikings: KJ Osborn

- Adam Thielen is the next Larry Fitzgerald; he'll spend his entire career with one team. But just like Fitz, Thielen is gradually declining. He'll slowly become the 3rd/4th option behind Osborn and Irv Smith.

Texans: Nico Collins

- The entire Houston offense is pretty messy. Although I love Brandin Cooks and Brevin Jordan, it seems like Nico is solidifying himself as one of the top options in that passing game. He was riddled with injuries during his rookie campaign, but with a healthy off-season, he'll develop a great relationship with QB TBA.

Raiders: Bryan Edwards

- Darren Waller will be the #1 target for years to come. However, Ruggs (insert a "too soon" joke here) and the president of the anti-LGBTQ are gone. So with only Renfrow (who looks like the sketchy 26 year old that still attends high school parties) left in his way, Edwards should become the top wide-out.

Rams: Van Jefferson

- Bobby Trees is 29 and just tore his ACL. Although he and Kupp are both under contract until 2025, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Jefferson doesn't cut into the target share. For a team who just traded away their entire future for a QB, I'll take a borderline WR2/3 any day of the week. Especially since he's currently valued as a late 2nd/early 3rd.

Chiefs: Mecole Hardman

- Yes, you've probably heard this one before, just like how Bryan Edwards is supposed to step up as well. Patience my friend, patience... Hardman is an absolute freak athlete and is about to turn 24. As long as Tyreek Hill is in KC, he'll be the top target. But as for the #2 job, it's evident that Kelce is declining, not to mention he just turned 32. Either Mecole will become the #2 guy, or find a new home after 2022.

Colts: I'll leave this up to your speculation

- Michael Pittman is defining himself as the WR1, but Pascall and Hilton will be free agents this year. Does Parris Campbell stay healthy and solidify the #2 role? Do either Pascall or Hilton re-sign and have a few more productive seasons? Do the Colts bring in a player like Allen Robinson, Russell Gage, Cedrick Wilson, Christian Kirk or draft a top WR in the 1st round? Whoever it is, I sure know that I want shares of the Colts #2 option.

Bears: Rookie WR (David Bell) or FA signing

- Darnell Mooney will be the #1 target next year while Allen Robinson goes to the highest bidder this offseason. Hopefully you got Mooney while you could, because his price is only increasing by the day. As for the #2 guy, that's up for grabs! Since the Bears don't have a 1st round pick, hopefully David Bell out of Purdue falls to them in the 2nd round. If not, they'll add someone that I mentioned above or even a sleeper like Auden Tate to fill the #2 spot.

Washington: Curtis Samuel

-I invested heavily in him last offseason, which has burned me so far this season. Since he's only 25 years old, I am still confident in his talent level and dynasty value. To be optimistic, this season has only given me more opportunities to buy him low. Scary Terry is a top 15 dynasty WR, imo, but that still leaves plenty of room for a #2 WR in that questionable offense. I highly doubt they grab any offensive skill players in the draft or even the offseason in 2022, so I'm confident that Samuel will regain WR2 form.

Seahawks: Freddie Swain

- Athletic guy who's getting 63% snap share in his 2nd season with the team. Tyler Lockett is 29 years old and who knows who their QB or Offensive Coordinator is next year. Seattle seems close to be entering a rebuilding stage as well, so this feels like an offense to take a shot on. Right now, Swain is valued as a 4th round pick.


WRs I'm buying for extremely cheap:

Isaiah McKenzie

- 26 years old.

- Current return man & could be a starting slot WR.

- Set to be a free agent

Deonte Harris

- 24 years old.

- Current return man & current starting slot WR.

- Set to be a free agent.

Cedrick Wilson

- 26 years old.

- Great hands and route runner and could definitely become a team's WR2.

- Set to a be a free agent.

Donovan Peoples-Jones

- Soon to be 23 years old.

- 44.5 inch vertical & runs a 4.4

- Who else do the Browns have?


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