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Wait & Save: RB Draft Strategy

The ol’ “wait and save” strategy is difficult to do in the moment, but pays off in the end!

This is a solid strategy to use when drafting your 2nd, 3rd and 4th RBs. It works best when you're able to grab your RB1 in the 1st round, and then load up on other positions while you wait to draft your other RBs later on.

For example, you would wait until the 6th round to draft a guy who will end up having similar production as a guy from the 3rd round.

Even though it’s hard to pass up on an attractive name in the early rounds, it pays off to use those early picks on other valuable players.

By doing this, you could now draft a top TE and/or QB early (depending on your league scoring rules).

For TEs, it would be nice to grab Kelce, Waller, Andrews, Pitts or Kittle early, especially if it’s a TE premium league.

For QBs, it would be nice to grab Allen, Herbert, Mahomes, Jackson or Burrow early, especially if it’s a 6-point passing TD league.

Below I have listed players that I believe will finish with similar fantasy points as their counterpart. For example, I believe that Travis Etienne and Michael Carter will finish with similar numbers when it's all said and done. So, instead of drafting Etienne in the 4th round, you can wait to draft Carter in the 9th round.

After the table, I also showed a draft of mine where I followed this strategy.

Good luck in your drafts!

Draft Results

With the 6th pick, I went with my RB1 in the 1st. Then I grabbed the overall TE1 from last year in the 2nd.

With the next 6 picks, I was able to grab 4 WRs who could all finish in the top 24, while also drafting my RB2 and RB3.

I waited for a QB, but it paid off!

In the 10th and 13th rounds, two RBs fell to me who will both most likely get 15+ touches/game.

Finished the draft with two slot WRs in two high-passing offenses.


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