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Dynasty Rankings - RBs

This is, by far, the hardest list to create. Any given year could change for these RBs due to a coaching change, a draft pick, a nagging injury, involvement in the passing game, etc. It's nearly impossible to predict.

We could make an extremely compelling argument on why any of these players could finish as a RB1 over the next 3 years: Chris Carson, Leonard Fournette, Aaron Jones, Devin Singletary, James Conner, Todd Gurley, Kareem Hunt, J.K. Dobbins, Kenyan Drake, Ronald Jones, D'Andre Swift, Cam Akers. Unfortunately, with only 12 spots to fill, the aforementioned players have been left off of the list.

Here's a list of who we think are the safest options over the next 3 seasons and why:

Shawn's Rankings

12. Josh Jacobs Age 22.7

- Rushed for 1,150 yards last season, but only had 27 targets in the pass games. He's a very talented runner, but needs to see more targets for his stock to rise. He will definitely have the volume, since that backfield is all his. The only people standing in his way are Mayock and Gruden.

11. Nick Chubb - Age 24.6

- Finished as RB8 last season and is an absolute stud! However, he plays for the Browns, and we can't ever trust anything that they do. Also, when Kareem Hunt joined the picture in week 10, Chubb's weekly points were a little more sporadic. Depending on the committee that he's a part of moving forward, he could end up finishing as the overall RB4 or RB14. It's hard to tell.

10. Derrick Henry - Age 26.1

- RB15 in 2018 and RB5 last year. He's a bad dude! The 26 year old led the league in attempts and yards last year, however, he only had 18 receptions. It's implausible to expect these rushing numbers to continue. Downhill RBs decline fast in fantasy football and his value is peaking, sell high.

9. Clyde Edwards-Helaire Age 21.4

- His value is so high due to the immediate volume that he'll receive. Taylor, Dobbins, and Swift are just as athletic if not even more talented than CEH, however, they are all in crowded backfields. Andy Reid loves to use RBs in the passing game and they drafted CEH for a reason.

8. Joe Mixon Age 24.3

- He just signed a 4 year extension worth an absurd amount of money. The Bengals want to revolve their offense around him, which is evident with the contract he just signed. Now with Joe Burrow and their other explosive weapons on offense, the opposing defenses will no longer be able to focus solely on Mixon.

7. Dalvin Cook - Age 25.1

- Talent, potential and volume = top 4... Injuries, contract talk, Alexander Mattison = RB30 (like he was in 2018). Although he missed two games last year, he still finished 2 points behind Derrick Henry for RB5. He can literally finish as RB2 or RB32 over the next three years and no one has any idea. Cook is the definition of a high-risk, high-reward player. Proceed with caution.

6. Miles Sanders - Age 23.3

- Young and explosive, this could be our next breakout star. He showed flashes of greatness with weekly scores of 22, 23, 27 and 35 last year. Now, the Eagles have added more weapons around him and Wentz in order to make this offensive more productive.

5. Ezekiel Elliott - Age 25.2

- Although he was RB5 in 2018 and RB3 last year, he's been suspended in the past and has shown very questionable effort and maturity as well. There's also the question of not if, but when will Dallas let Pollard take some of the workload away from Zeke to keep him healthy and fresh. Upside= finish as top 3 RB for the next 3 years. Downside= suspension, overworked, another holdout and finish as the RB13 like he did in 2017.

4. Alvin Kamara - Age 25.2

- 2017 RB3, 2018 RB4, 2019 RB9... absolute freak athlete with production over and over again! He averages 800 rushing yards every year and gets exactly 81 receptions a year during his first 3 years in the league. If he can play in at least 13 games a year, I'm pretty confident he'll finish as a top 10 RB for the next 3-5 years.

3. Austin Ekeler - Age 25.4

- In his first 3 seasons, Ekeler has averaged 4.8 yards/carry and 10.6 yards/reception... seriously. 2017 - 10.3 per catch. 2018 - 10.4 per catch. 2019 - 10.8 per his 92 catches. Last season, he was 2nd in total receptions and 2nd in receiving yards for RBs, only behind CMC. With Melvin Gordon officially out of the picture, this is now Austin Ekeler's team. Buy him now while his value is still low!

2. Saquon Barkley - Age 23.5

- He finished RB10 last year and RB1 his rookie year. If Saquon and CMC can stay healthy, they should both battle for the top 2 spots for the next 3 years. He's over 230 pounds, runs a 4.4, rushes for over 1,000 yards and averages 8 yards a reception. Also, he's not even 24 yet...

1. Christian McCaffrey - Age 24.2

- If he can maintain this workload, he will rival Marshall Faulk as the greatest fantasy RB of all time. He hasn't missed a game in his 3 years, but his excessive volume scares me a little. With over 1,000 rushing yards and over 100 receptions in back to back years, he's the obvious top 2 dynasty choice moving forward, but can this volume continue?!

Corey's Rankings

12. Jonathan Taylor - Age 21.8

- His production in year one will likely be somewhat limited due to splitting time with Marlon Mack, but I fully expect him to skyrocket up the list in subsequent seasons and potentially be a top 5 fantasy RB by year three.

11. Josh Jacobs Age - 22.7

- The arrow is pointing up for 2019's best rookie RB, and if the Raiders can find a way to get him more involved in the passing game, he could move up this list considerably.

10. Austin Ekeler - Age 25.4

- Now that Melvin Gordon is completely out of the picture, the door is wide open for Ekeler to continue putting up big numbers.  One of the top receiving backs in the league, the future is even brighter with the decrepit Philip Rivers leaving town.

9. Joe Mixon - Age 24.3

- The talented lead back in an exciting and up-and-coming offense just got a new contract and should start adding more TDs to his stat line moving forward.

8. Derrick Henry - Age 26.1

- This old-school bruiser is one of the best pure runners in the league, and finally put it all together to have a breakout 2019. Henry is a touchdown-scoring machine and almost impossible to tackle, but slides down my list due to three factors: he offers next to nothing in the passing game, is on the wrong side of 25, and had his breakout season during a contract year.

7. Dalvin Cook - Age 25.1

- Could be top 3 if not for injury concerns.  Also, if he doesn't end up getting the contract he wants, will he suffer the same fate Le'Veon Bell did during his prime?

6. Nick Chubb - Age 24.6

- Doesn't get enough credit for being one of the best RBs in the league, and even with Kareem Hunt still in the mix, Chubb should still be an RB1 for at least the next few years.

5. Alvin Kamara - Age 25.2

- Would be higher on the list if not for some uncertainty surrounding his future in New Orleans, as well as the Saints not having a successor lined up for the aging Drew Brees (no, Jameis and Taysom don't count).

4. Clyde Edwards-Helaire - Age 21.4

- The dynamic playmaker is the youngest player on my list, and despite all of the mouths to feed in KC, should still get plenty of work early on.

3. Ezekiel Elliot - Age 25.2

- There's always the potential for another suspension, but Zeke is one of the few RBs in the league who has figured out that wearing one's jersey like a crop-top gives you an aerodynamic advantage running the football.

2. Christian McCaffrey - Age 24.2

- The best RB in the league and consensus #1 fantasy pick for good reason, but it's fair to question whether he can hold up long-term if he continues to touch the ball 400+ times a year.

1. Saquon Barkley - Age 23.5

- My pick for the top-scoring fantasy RB in 2020 is actually younger than CMC and plays for a team with a slightly brighter future. Over a 3-year period, I think he has the slight edge.

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