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Don't forget about Hakeem Butler

The Arizona Cardinals selected the Iowa State WR in the 4th round

during the 2019 draft. Butler is 6-5, 230 pounds, runs a 4.48 40, has

10 3/4 inch hands, and a WR record setting 83 7/8 inch wingspan.

During a highlight reel play in 2018, the announcer referred to him as

"Lebron James in a football uniform". Hakeem Butler is a true freak of

nature with his combination of size, speed, and overall athleticism.

Unfortunately, Butler injured his finger during the preseason last

year and wound up missing his entire rookie campaign. To the naked

eye, Butler seems to be burried on the very crowded Cardinals depth

chart. One of the greatest to ever play the game is coming back for

his 17th season. Alongside Fitz, the Cardinals have emerging stud

Christian Kirk and recently acquired all-pro wideout DeAndre Hopkins.

Fellow 2019 drafties include Andy Isabella and KeeSean Johnson that

are also battling Hakeem Butler for playing time.

Once Butler has his chance to shine, the rest will be history. Whether

that means that Arizona runs a lot of 4-5 wide sets (which they did 32

percent of the time in 2019), he takes over the slot WR spot from

Kirk, Fitzgerald grooms him to take over the number 2 spot, or if they

line him up at TE, Butler will see significant playing time in 2020.

This might be our last chance to buy low on Hakeem Butler. After the

rest of the league finds out about him, he'll cost a pretty penny. In

re-draft leagues, I'll be finishing my draft by going defense, kicker,

and then Butler in the last round. In Dynasty, I would be trying to

give up a mid round pick or include him in a packaged deal.


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