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What a Great Friday Night

Maybe we were a little cocky with our bet yesterday, but it sure paid off!

The Rockies are currently one of the hottest teams in the league and the Mariners are on the opposite side of the spectrum right now. We didn't quite break the bank, but we did bet over 1/3 of our total account balance on last night's game. Colorado won convincingly with a score of 8-4.

Along with betting on the Rockies to win, we also included a few parlays that hit at well. We took the OVER in the Rockies game as well as the UNDER in the Rangers game. Also bet on the Padres, Rangers, and White Sox to win last night.

After a couple rough days last week, it was nice to profit over $300 last night.

We will continue to track all of our bets throughout the year on this page:

Last night put us at +$442 on the MLB season so far.

Follow us on Twitter to see all of our bets before the games start.


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