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NFL Week 9 Predictions

Below, I have listed every NFL game this week, which includes their spread, over/under, and my prediction.

Good luck on all of your bets, especially any involving NFC and AFC East teams.

Packers (-7) @ 49ers "C Squad"

O/U - 48

I have never seen so many injuries on one team in my entire life. BD Mullens is good at times, but this is a daunting task.

Packers 27

49ers 16

Seahawks (-3) @ Bills

O/U - 55

I can't quite figure out the Bills. They're really good at times, but I don't think they can keep up with this offense.

Seahawks 31

Bills 26

Broncos @ Falcons (-4)

O/U - 50

In a parallel universe, the Falcons have multiple Super Bowl rings and are currently undefeated. Although I think they'll win, I wouldn't be surprised if they found a way to blow it.

Falcons 27

Broncos 26

Bears @ Titans (-6.5)

O/U - 47

Titans have the chance for a nice bounce back victory at home against a really hard to watch Bears offense.

Titans 20

Bears 13

Lions @ Vikings (-4)

O/U - 51.5

Who knows what Kirk Cousins will show up. If they just let Dalvin cook, then the Vikings should win.

Vikings 27

Lions 18

Ravens (-1.5) @ Colts

O/U - 47.5

The Ravens offense will figure it out. The rest of us should remember to never trust Phillip Rivers.

Ravens 24

Colts 18

Panthers @ Chiefs (-11)

O/U - 52.5

Panthers usually like to stick around and keep things close, but they don't really like to win very often. Chiefs shouldn't have a problem in this one.

Chiefs 37

Panthers 24

Texans (-7) @ Jaguars

O/U - 50.5

Let Luton Mania begin! Just like Justin Herbert (his in-state rival from a year ago), Luton will light up the stat sheet but won't actually win a lot of games.

Texans 33

Jaguars 31

Giants @ The Washingtoners (-2.5)

O/U - 42.5

Yuck... But what's even more disgusting, is that one of these teams might actually win that division.

The Footballans 17

Giants 16

Raiders @ Chargers (even)

O/U - 51.5

Just like how Las Vegas can't decide who's going to win this game, the Las Vegas Raiders can't decide what kind of team they are. As for the Chargers, Herbert looks good at times, but he's 1-5 as a starter. Who knows what will happen... I'm staying away from this one.

Chargers 26

Raiders 23

Steelers (-14) @ Cowboys

O/U - 41.5

What does Jerry Jones, the Electoral College and Daylight Savings have in common? They're old, outdated and not a lot of people respect them anymore. Can we just get rid of all of them please?

Steelers 37

Cowboys 9

Dolphins @ Cardinals (-4.5)

O/U - 48.5

Fitzmagic had a chance to actually WIN THIS DIVISION! I love everything about Tua and his story, but he isn't quite ready. It was too soon of a switch.

Cardinals 33

Dolphins 17

Saints @ Buccaneers (-4)

O/U - 50.5

Unlike the presidential debates this year, I'm actually going to enjoy watching these old guys battle against one another. Brees can only check it down to Kamara so many times; Bucs' LBs are too good.

Buccaneers 33

Saints 26

Patriots (-7.5) @ Jets

O/U - 42

Is it just me, or have the primetime games this year been terrible choices? Please stop showing NFC & AFC East teams... please!

Patriots 23

Jets 16


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