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NFL Week 13 Bets

Here are the four games that I'm the most confident in this week. At the bottom, I also included a Round Robin bet as well as a 13 point Teaser bet I'm making.

Colts @ Texans

Spread: Colts -3

O/U: 51

Will Fuller just got suspended for PEDS and Phillip Rivers isn't good. I don't see this total reaching 51 points.


Texans 24

Colts 23

Wagering 5 Units on the UNDER

Saints @ Falcons

Spread: Saints -3

O/U: 46

The Falcons now know what to expect out of Taysom Hill. He caught them off guard two weeks ago when the Saints beat the Falcons in their first game without Drew Brees. I think the Falcons carry their momentum from last week's blowout over the Raiders and win this divisional battle at home.

Wagering 5 Units on the Falcons' Money Line (+130)

Browns @ Titans

Spread: Titans -5.5

O/U: 53

The Browns are the worst 8-3 team I've ever seen. Last week, they beat the 1-10 Jags by the score of 27-25. The week before that, they beat the awful Eagles team in Cleveland by the score of 22-17. They also beat the Bengals twice this year and won their matchup against the Cowboys and the Footballans... congrats.

Although I think the Titans will win comfortably, I can't trust anything this year. So I'm buying 3 points of the spread and believing that the Titans can win by a FG at home against a bad team.

Wagering 10 Units on the Titans @ -2.5 (-205)

Washington @ Steelers

Spread: Steelers -7

O/U: 43.5

I honestly had to do a triple take on this spread. Then I had to Google the injury report. I was expecting to see that Pittsburgh's entire Defense had Covid. Or that Big Ben was hurt.... Nope. Nothing.

The fact that the Steelers are only favored by 7 points at home against the Washingtoner's is absurd.

To make myself feel better, I'll buy half a point, just so that a 7 point win doesn't result in a push.

Wagering 10 Units on the Steelers @ -6.5 (-130)

Round Robin bet I'm making:

*Adding anywhere from 0.5 to 3 points to each spread*

Bills +4

Steelers - 5.5

Packers -6

Titans -2.5

Patriots +4.5

Falcons +6

Wagering 5 Units

13 point Teaser (-130):

Packers +4 vs Eagles

Chiefs -0.5 vs Broncos

Steelers +6 vs Footballers

Bills +14 @ 49ers' Backups

Wagering 15 Units


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