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Hip Hop Anonymous


Monday's Mix

-Every Monday we release a "CD Style" playlist to help get your week started right.

-Just like we did in the 90's and 2000's. Where we spend countless hours looking for songs to download on Limewire, Frostwire, or convert a song from YouTube to mp3.

-Then diligently, arranging the songs to make sure that there was a smooth flow from song to song. Shuffling wasn't a thought.

-We just popped the CD into the dusty boombox in the corner of the garage, the multi-disc changer in our bedroom, or in the car when we hit the open road with our flip phone in pocket.

In October, I released a playlist that sums up what Hip Hop is to me:

Last week, Nolan gave us his playlist on what Hip Hop is to him:

Today, Jarrett shows us what Hip Hop means to him.

He kicks it old school a little more than Nolan and I. These songs average release date are the late 90s, while this playlist ranges from 1993-2012.

If it's the weekend and you're drinking either a King Cobra, Mickey's or Olde English and you're NOT listening to this playlist... then you're doing it wrong.


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