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22 Years of 15 Songs of Rock

Monday's Mix

-Every Monday we release a "CD Style" playlist to help get your week started right.

-Just like we did in the 90's and 2000's. Where we spend countless hours looking for songs to download on Limewire, Frostwire, or convert a song from youtube to mp3.

-Then diligently, arranging the songs to make sure that there was a smooth flow from song to song. Shuffling wasn't a thought.

-We just popped the CD into the dusty boombox in the corner of the garage, the multi-disc changer in our bedroom, or in the car when we hit the open road with our flip phone in pocket.

"22 Years of 15 Songs of Rock"

This playlist consists of a few underrated bands mixed with a few of our favorite 90's bands like Pearl Jam, RHCP, and Tool. These songs span between the years of 1993-2015.


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